Digma, Interactive Video For Eveyone

A brief overview into the creation of Digma Interactive Video.

How it began

Digma Mobile Interactive video
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Having the ability to instantly retrieve information at the touch of a button - or at the the tip of your fingers - has become part of everyday modern life.

Yet amidst this progress one neglected area that has yet to be modified is today's mobile video technology.

Our prerogative was to develop a new, exciting and practical way to retrieve important and timely information within video content. To drastically move on from the clunky and frustrating process of scrubbing backwards and forwards on a timeline. A process that seems so archaic in today’s accelerated technological climate.

Committed to the concept of retrieving timely content on demand, our aim was to take video technology into the next era.

The result is DIGMA, a newly developed video player suited for every type of industry. From cook-a-long videos and drone fly through tours, to marketing and real estate.

Let us help you give life back to old videos and transform new content into an interactive experience that delivers beyond expectations.

And then...

Digma Mobile Interactive Cooking Video
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Why now?

Video marketing is bigger than ever!

Video is everywhere. Social media, the rise of ‘stories’, and the way in which people consume media have all contributed to making video more important than ever before.

Current climate​

Times are tough and companies are looking for new and engaging ways to attract clients without breaking the bank.

The average amount of time a person will spend watching video in 2021 per day!

The percentage of consumers who want interactivity, with the ability to decide what information they want to view and when they want to view it.​

The percentage of marketers who say video content is an important part of their marketing strategy.​

The Problem

Traditional online videos can't supply relevant information on demand​

  • No Interactivity
    Traditional online video content isn’t interactive and difficult to make engaging​
  • High Drop-Off Rates​
    Video drop-off rates are high due to viewers wanting immediate results​
  • Lack of Context​
    Providing enough context and detail in a short video is hard to accomplish​
  • Complicated & Expensive​
    Interactive video creation is viewed as expensive and complicated​
The Solution

Drive consumer engagement, whether on a desktop or mobile device, on your own website or on social media.​

  • Interactive Video Overlays​
    Whatever your business or audience, add depth and context to your video content with our stylish overlays ​
  • An Easy-To-Use CMS​​
    We’ve made interactive video simple. Just choose one of our beautiful templates, add your content, and you’re ready to go. You can also get creative with our fully-customisable plugins.​
  • Unique Mobile Experience​​
    Our templates will automatically adapt to all screen sizes, so all the important information your viewers need is just a tap away.​
  • Detailed Video Analytics​​
    Track the success of your interactive video with in-depth statistics on clicks, duration and usage.​
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