Frequently Asked Questions

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How is it integrated into the website?

Integration is very simple, Just two lines of code. The first line of code is the HTML tag, which is pasted where you would like the player to sit on your website. The Second line of code is the Javascript tag which you place before the 'body' tag on your website.

Read more about how Digma's video player can be integrate to your website - Website Integration

Can we use YouTube or Vimeo videos?

Digma is a video hosting platform in itself. Digma doesnt integrate with Youtube or Vimeo as it is in breach of their terms and conditions.

If you have YouTube or Vimeo we can extract the video files for you and the files will be hosted on our servers.

How long do we have the Digmatized video for?

As long as you like. There is a minimum of 1 year contract with Digma.

If you wish to end your subscription before then, there will be a termination fee discussed in the Terms of Service.

Can I edit my videos?

You will have full access to edit your videos. If you wish to have one video contract but edit the contents or change video every few months, that is at your discretion.

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