How Can I Use Interactive Video?

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Video consumption is on the rise like never before. With faster data streaming and higher quality photography equipment, videos are being made in abundance.

But are they being consumed in the right way?

Videos are more engaging than text. The reason being is that the eyes are more attracted to movement, so video naturally draw peoples attention. Videos convey more information quickly than any other form of media, but are still very linear and one dimensional. This is where interactive videos come in.

Many videos are watched purely for entertainment, but many videos are used to find out information. Only yesterday I was looking up videos on how to fix a rear coil spring on my car. I wanted to find out how it was done, how long it would take and what parts I would need to fix it. There were plenty of videos online, but what I found was that I needed to write down all the information, spend time finding the tools online, then searching for the parts to buy. This all took time.

Technology has conditioned people to get what they want fast. As a result, people get used to getting results quickly and waiting becomes harder. This is because humans are quite impatient by nature, and they want the fast path over the long one.

Merging the peoples need for quick information and the rise of informative video, interactive video is an answer. Being able to watch a video and have relative information available at the same time is key.

Now there is the ability of being able to watch a video of the mechanic and:

  • Have an exact product link on the video to the recommended manufacturer.
  • Download documentation on how to fix it myself.
  • Navigate on the the video to key points and bookmark them.
  • Message the mechanic straight from the video!

These are just a few features that the Digma interactive video can bring to make the video become more engaging and useful to the user.

This is just one example of how interactive videos can be utilized.

So what can you use interactive video for?

Interactive video can be used in many different types of Industries and for many different reasons.

Interactive videos can be used in Learning for example. Webinars could have further in-depth information readily available, downloadable course material and the tutors contact details within the video.

Shoppable videos can be used to promote products where users can click on the product they like and buy it right from within the video.

Fashion runways could be turned into an engaging experience to view a gallery of photos of each piece.

Instructional videos as mentioned before, can be used to ease the frustration of video scrubbing in order to find the information you need there and then.

My personal favourite and the main reason behind the birth of Digma is an interactive Cook-a-long video. If only every cooking video was done this way, life in the kitchen whilst learning how to cook would become a breeze.

There are many ways in which you can enhance your old or new video content to become a more engaging, entertaining and practical experience.

If you would like more information on interactive video or have any questions please Contact me here.

Stuart Verschoyle CEO & Founder

Author: Stuart Verschoyle

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