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Generate customized interactive videos that will delight your viewers. Our next-gen software supports hotspots, branching, overlay capabilities and more.

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A unique mobile experience for consumers

Our mobile interactive videos provide viewers with a wealth of contextual information via a unique UI designed to delight viewers.

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Hot Spots

A hotspot is the area of the interactive video that acts as a 'hitbox' – clicking on the hotspot will lead to the content or action of your choice.

Increase engagement
Increase conversions
Supply extra information
Full customization


Clicking on the video, the user can discover in-depth information on what you are showcasing. We have an ever-expanding list of widgets. Here are a few:

Live data widget
Lightbox image galleries
Image Carousels
Data-capture forms


A branching video is a type of interactive video where the viewer is asked to participate actively in the narrative by choosing between different actions or storylines.

Engaging and compelling
Improve viewer retention
Drive conversions
They are fun!


We have all the metrics you will need to see the difference Interactive video makes to your marketing.

25% better conversion rates
18% more leads generated, 21% more web traffic
14% more sales
4-5x more pageviews than static content

Flexible price plans
for any business

Includes Videos, Images, Popups & Links


Experience the suite


  • 1 Interactive Video (250 Views)
  • 1 Interactive Image
  • 1 Popup
  • Full Link Management Access
  • Digma Branding


Perfect for campaigns


  • 10 Interactive Video (1k views)
  • 10 Interactive Images
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Full Link Management Access
  • Digma Branding


For businesses


  • Unlimited Videos & Images
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Full Link Management Access
  • Fully Whitelabeled

Tailored For agencies


  • Unlimited Videos & Images
  • 50,000+ views
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Full Link Management Access
  • Fully Whitelabeled
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