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01 - Submit your requestReady to use the Digma software? Whether you require a new interactive video build or a stunning interactive image designed for your website, submit your request and we’ll assign one of our Digma Developers right away and offer you a quotation.

02 - Discuss your needsOnce approved, your Developer will get in touch to discuss your project and expectations, and offer recommendations to get the best from your interactivity.

03 - Get your project doneTime to get to work! Together, we’ll arrange a project timeline, verify receipt of any company assets that’ll be used and bring your ideas and project to life, ready to upload.

What can a Developer do?

All our developers are Digma specialists and know the platform inside out!
This means they can help with all aspects of the Digma product suite.

Interactive Video

From simple to complex projects, our developers can remove all the design and build effort and transform your MP4 into a ready-to-use interactive asset.

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Interactive Image

1, 2, 15 or 1000? Whatever the project size, our developers will be on hand to take on the workload your company requires. Upon project approval, we’ll send you all the relevant asset code!

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Our developers can design and generate responsive forms for your interactive videos or images, or even for your website! We’ll set up user response capture which is saved and easily exported at the touch of a button.

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