Get Instant Gratification with our Chapter Selection Feature

Know where you want to go? Get there quicker with our chapter selection feature.

Segmented Timeline Mobile

Desktop Chapter Selection

Our handy chapter selection feature enables users to see and navigate your video's contents.

Highlighted image tabs with a small description to let the user know what section they are currently watching. As the user watches the video the non-highlighted tabs will become active.

The bookmark icon also indicates which section the user has bookmarked for reference.

Mobile Chapter Selection

On mobile, scrubbing back and forth on a small timeline dot with your finger can be difficult.

Now you can access the chapters from the toolbar.

Chapter Selection Mobile

Other Features

Segmented Timeline

Navigation couldn't be easier with our image navigation timeline


Chapter Selection

Get where you want to quickly with our contents table



Bookmark your favourite section of a video to save for later alternatively email it to yourself or a friend


Chapter Overview

This is the heart of the interactive video. Displaying relevant timely content to increase engagement.

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